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Global Cargo Movers Tracking

You start to worry about when your package will arrive. If you are the recipient, you begin anticipating what the package will look like.

Global cargo movers will provide you with a document and global cargo tracking number when you place an order. This number is used to identify the billing method, billing address, and shipping address.

Global movers tracking numbers will provide all details about when your parcel will reach you. This will allow you to avoid worrying and asking the recipient every day whether the package has arrived. All the information is available by clicking on your smartphone.

Overview of Global Cargo Movers

.Global cargo movers llc was established in 2008. Their primary goal is to make it easy for Filipinos to send their balikbayan packages to their loved ones in the Philippines. Their service should be affordable so customers don’t feel ripped off by high-priced rates. They can still send their loved ones parcels in a safe, secure manner.

With over 15,000 clients on the East coast, global cargo movers are now leaders in their industry. They continue to expand their services in the United States of America, helping as many Filipinos as possible.


Global cargo mover’s mission it to make sure people don’t pay too much for their goods and that they feel safe and secure when sending parcels to loved ones around the globe in Philippines.

Global cargo movers are committed to gaining the trust and loyalty of their customers. They do this by going out of their way in order to make their customers feel secure while shipping their parcels via them.

Why Choose Global Cargo Mover?

Because of their seamless experience, global cargo movers are a leader in the market. The company secures the boxes with nylon straps to ensure that they are not tampered with. Global cargo movers can also deliver packages quickly. Their delivery crew ensures that the boxes are delivered safely and quickly.

Global cargo movers also have a helpline that is available to clients in the Philippines, which is open from Monday through Saturday. Because they are licensed consolidators, NVOCC/ Freight Forwarders, global cargo movers take professionalism seriously.

Global cargo movers are very conscious of pricing. They don’t want to leave their customers with a financial burden so they offer the best prices compared to their competitors.

They have also started to work on a larger scale. As the number and needs of their customers has increased, they ship 5 to 7 containers per day.

Global cargo movers also consider their customers family, as they understand how important the package can be to both the sender and the receiver.


Global cargo movers use a delivery system that ensures timely and efficient delivery to fulfill their mission to deliver balikbayan boxes to Filipino loved ones.

Global Cargo rastreo packages one to two times per day to meet the high demand. They deliver the boxes door-to-door to make it easier for recipients. They offer a drop-off system for packages and also pick up the parcel so you don’t have to leave your home and go get it.

Global cargo movers will charge $5 for an empty box. Drop off charges are $55, which is much lower than the cost of other competitors. If you don’t want to pay $5 for a global cargo movers empty box, any other box can be used and accepted by them. They will accept boxes of any size, even those that are not standard.

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Global Cargo Services

You can check the status of your package by using the same document number you used to track it. If you think your package may have been lost, you don’t need to be concerned because you can check the order status of global cargo movers to see the exact location.

The order status shows details about the loading date, which is the date the box was loaded into the container in USA. It also includes the estimated arrival date at Cebu/Manila and shipping line status, which indicates whether the package arrived on time or late. The details of when the box arrived at port, the estimated date of arrival and the name of its consignee are all included in the order status.

Finally, you can see the date your box arrived at warehouse, as well as the status of the box, including whether it is incoming or in transit. This indicates that it is on its way to be delivered from warehouse to the recipient.

Global Cargo Movers Contact Number

You can reach the global cargo movers team by going to their contact tab. There, enter your name, email address, and a message detailing your question. Their team will respond within a few hours. You can also reach them at the following address and phone number of global cargo corporation:


72 S. Washington Avenue Bergenfield NJ 07621 US

+1.2013846300 / 2013846301


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