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How to Track Hexbug?

You can track Hexbug by the following steps.

  • Open “TrackThisCourier.com”
  • Enter your Tracking Number in Search.
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Hexbug Overview

Hexbug toys feature innovative technology such as micro robot creatures. They believe innovation should be encouraged in children at an early age. Hexbug products are a global leader in STEM education, robotics and technology.


Hexbug’s goal is to give children a positive experience with robotics, starting at a young age. They care about robotics being introduced to children as young children because they are still in a learning stage and are often in contact with toys. Because children learn from their environment, toys should not be a time pass, but something they can adapt to.

Hexburg is a toy maker that uses innovative technology to fulfill its mission. There are many toys they offer. There are many toys to choose from, including battling robots and buildable playsets. This allows children to be active right from the beginning.


You will find different tabs on the website of Hexburg. These tabs include nano and BattleBots, Hexmods as well as junkbots, VEX robotics and Mechanical Bugs. There are many toys in each category with different features. You can also view a video of each product on their website before you make your purchase.


Hexbug ships its products via FedEx or UPS to meet the needs of your child. You can have your child’s needs met by Hexbug’s freight or palletized shipping.

All orders received by Hexbug before 3:00 PM CST on Monday through Friday are delivered that day. All orders received after 3:00 pm CST Friday will be delivered Monday.

Hexbug tracking

You can track your Hexbug order by using your order ID from the billing details. To track your order, you will need to input your order ID, billing name, email address, or zip code on the orders and returns tab.

This will give you information about when and how often your order will arrive at your home. This will save you and your child time waiting.

Hexbug Order Status

You can view your order status by using the same order ID you received at billing. You can check your order status to see if your order was confirmed. It also shows you where your order is at the Hexbug facility.

You can track the delivery process from beginning to end with the order status tool.

Promotions and Shipping Free of Charge
Hexburg is known not only for their unique products, but also for offering free shipping and other promotions to help customers. You can get free shipping if you place orders of $35 or more. Once you have entered your shipping information, you’ll see that there are no shipping charges added to your bill. This does not apply to upgrades or other shipping options.

Hexburg offers a variety of promotions throughout the year to help customers find them. You won’t be disappointed if you find such great promotional offers. You can access all offers on their websites. These offers cannot be combined with any other coupon, discount, or gift card and are not valid on sale items.

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Get in touch with us

Hexburg’s customer service team can be reached using various contact numbers and addresses in different countries. Hexbug’s customer support is regarded as the best, so you can expect to be assisted quickly and without any problems.

[email protected]


+1-214-853-5687 (fax)

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