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Do you want to check the status of your order and tracking in overland west? Simply enter your tracking code into the search section.

How to Track Overland West?

You can track Overland West by the following steps.

  • Open “TrackThisCourier.com”
  • Enter your Tracking Number in Search.
  • Press the “Track Now” Button.

Overland Freight

In 2005, Overland freight was established. It was established with the goal of providing excellent freight services in both the USA and Canada. They will manage your goods and deliveries in a smooth and efficient manner.

They will handle your freight efficiently and cost-effectively. They have a strong relationship with some of the most renowned and respected carriers in the US. They are able to offer quick and efficient shipping solutions to their customers because of this strong bond.

Since its inception, the company has assisted with nearly 22,000 situations. The company has extensive market knowledge and experience to help you solve your courier problems.

Overland offers services

Overland can handle all your shipping needs. Their efficient teams are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Overland can help you add value to your company and strengthen your customer relationships.

No matter whether you need to ship a truck full or part, overland can help you with different capacities at very affordable rates.

It is possible to transport vans or large trucks in the most efficient manner. Your company manager will be there to assist you and inform you at every stage of the delivery process to ensure your goods are safe and reliable.

You may be asking yourself if they can handle 24′ trucks or smaller or if they can carry 15,000 lbs or more. They can transport any size truck, from 1/4 to 1/2 trucks.

They are also equipped to handle heavy hauls and large loads. Overland can provide the best services for your work type. Their strategic planning and efficient management systems combine to make it possible for them to provide seamless operations.

You can also choose the intermodal service they offer. This is basically a combination truck and trail combination for goods transport. This cost-effective method can be used to manage your inventory, increase your capacity, and transfer goods to major cities.

Tracking in the Overland West

Overland west tracking allows you to keep track of your freight until it reaches its destination. This is the best method to track your shipment and find out which stage of delivery it is in.

You can keep track of your deliveries all the way. This will give you an idea of the delivery time and overall process.

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Overland Tracking

You will receive an email confirmation containing a tracking code and order confirmation once you have confirmed your shipment order. This code can be used to find the exact location of your freight. Simply enter the tracking code into the search section to get started with overland track. You’ll be connected to your goods in a matter of seconds.

You can reach the customer service department if your code does not work or takes you longer to get there. They will always be available to assist you with any questions.

Last words

If you need to move goods between Canada and the USA, an Overland courier is the best choice. Its strategy is to provide its customers with the best possible services. It is possible to safely and securely transfer goods thanks to excellent communication and integration between different departments.

Overland is a reliable, fast, efficient, well-structured, and well-funded facility. They are the best freight delivery service in town.

You can stay connected with your goods after you have booked your freight transport. This is the best way to keep in touch with your goods until they arrive at their destination.

You can start tracking your orders by entering your overland freight tracking number over here. You can reach the customer service representative at 1-913-2897-8255 if you have any problems retrieving your order data. You can reach them on weekdays for any queries.

Or else, you can also drop an email to let them know about your concerns in detail at [email protected]. Within 48 hours, they will respond to you.

Telephone: 1-913-897-8255

FAX: 1-913-897-2267


[email protected]

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